Security Statement

Portal Security

How do I know if the information I am viewing on the portal is secure?

HTTPS (e.g. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) in a web page’s address bar is the assurance indicator. This protocol encrypts all information passed along the transaction and renders it unintelligible to a potential web hacker who might intercept a signal while you are browsing. In the case of, its architectural design is consistent with standard portal technology, i.e. it functions as a gateway to both encrypted and unencrypted information. Thus, although you may see http in the address bar when you first log in, https is in force on those frame levels like Banner Self-Service where data is sensitive.

Please click on one of the thumbnails below (e.g. for IE or Firefox) and follow the animation for evidence that https is operating at the Banner Self-Service frame level and protecting your sensitive information from improper use. Two versions of the animation are provided. [Note: you will be able duplicate this click path on your own machines.]

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